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Are you stuck in a rut, Not following your Feng Shui Destiny? NEVER GIVE UP – Motivational Video

Are you stuck in a rut, not growing, stopped dreaming? You need to watch this Motivational Video. (updated June 2020)

Have you given up on yourself? or is Life is not going exactly how you planned? The Secret is Not to Give up, Just think of all the Greats in the world, they didn’t give up. they failed, they were fragile, they felt pain too…You hold the Power, Never give up. 

Stop feeling stuck, Overwhelmed & Hopeless!

Here are My 3 Tips on How to Stop Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed and Hopeless.




Are you stuck in a rut, Not following your Feng Shui Destiny?

When You are Stuck in a Rut, Don’t blame the other negative people in your life, instead Clear Your Personal Space, Get Up and get motivated and stop standing in your own way.


What is Rut?

Ruts are just that Ruts, for example, we get stuck in them by accidentally driving into one, Unclear of how we arrived there, But why are we are stuck in this rut of constant stagnant Energy?

Sometimes, we are so stuck that we don’t even realize that we are stuck, or down.

I believe, that you are to learn something from your travels that you may have missed learning from. So the higher powers may have parked you there for a bit. Your body is pretty smart too, it is trying to tell you something and you should really listen.  At times it can affect your health, and invite disease in so that you pay more attention and slow down.

This is time for self-reflection and self-care.


 Don’t Dismiss it. Learn from it. It has been my experience, that if you Fail to learn from your First Life lesson, you will keep repeating it until you get it.

I came across this Motivational video that will make you think and hopefully get you motivated to follow your dreams, to never Give up, and get you unstuck from the rut you are currently in, I’m pretty sure it’s just a temporary set back.

Never Give Up.



Source:   Enjoy this video by Ben Lionel Scott.

Remember Good Feng Shui, Vibrations and Prosperity starts with YOU!

Be the Solution!

Here is the link.

Are you still stuck in a rut, Not following your Destiny?

Follow your dreams, take a new attitude, do something different to get different results.

Remember: You Need to  Take Back Your Power because you are in control, don’t give that up, and let people beat you down. You deserve the Best.


What are you going to do about it? Comment below if this has helped you see things differently.

I hope you have better results kind of day.


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take back your power you are in control

Originally posted 2020-10-25 08:08:00.

Are you stuck in a rut Not following your Destiny? NEVER GIVE UP – Motivational Video

Stop feeling stuck, Overwhelmed & Hopeless3
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