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Are you exposed by beams?

Are you exposed by a beam?

Have a look up and see if you are exposed  by a beam at your desk while you are working or perhaps while you are sleeping. If your bed or Desk is under an exposed beam then you could be exposed.

 If you find yourself feeling a little squished, look up… Do do you sleep under a Beam?

In some homes you have bedrooms in the attic, for example,  that is funky and modern architecture design, however, a Bedroom or Office with a slanted ceiling creates suppressed energy or chi above you. It may look cool however it is considered bad feng shui and bad for your health if not remedied.

Why should you care if you are exposed?

Suppressed energy creates many health problems, such as headaches, and other physical symptoms from spending too much time beneath beams in the home.

Here are some pretty obvious issues you may experience with working or sleepting under big old exposed Beams.

  1. Sleeping Under an exposed Beam can cause severe illness
  2. Working under an exposed Beam, you will have a difficult time concentrating and therefore achieving your full potential in the business world.
  3. Impact on wealth and opportunities.
  4. Headaches and other minor ailments.
  5. Lack of quality sleep, which affects our overall health.
  6.  Standing Beams with protruding corners can disperse chi and can cause problems in any section where they are. eg conflict and divorce, loss of money, lack of education etc.. you can camouflage the edges by putting plants in front of them.


Exposed ceilingbeams represent strong channels for chi, which causes a negative effect in the home, just like rushing energy from bookshelves and long hallways. Chi likes to flow gently around us.

 Sensitive people can experience headaches and other physical symptoms from spending too much time beneathbeams in the home.

How do you know if you are Exposed?

If you find yourself feeling a little squished, look up… Do do you sleep under a Beam?

Do you work with your desk under a beam?

A shelf that protrudes over you is considered an exposed beam, sharp edges, usually gets bumped into.

Here is a picture of an exposed beam from design.

How to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Do you see it?

It’s the lines of the heavy bookshelves above the bed.

 Don’t place your desk or your bed under an exposed beam.
I understand that modern chic decorating is sometimes all the rage however it is very bad fengshui to have exposed beams overhead.

 ARE you Exposed?

Heavy beams compress chi, your energy, your thoughts and dreams..down your desk or workstation or bed is positioned under an exposed beam, it will eventually have adepressing influence that can hold down your ability to earn money, be healty, find love and romance and wake up feeling refreshed.
If you haven’t been sleeping well lately, move your bed or desk,  to another location, you can check your best sleeping direction here.
It can be in the same room if you prefer just shimmy it so it’s not under any exposed beams or shelves.  You will feel much better!
Happy Fengshui-ing,