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Be Thankful

Be Thankful and Start a Gratitude Journal

Be Thankful & Start a Gratitude Journal -Write down 3-5 things that make you feel grateful each day. The purpose of this task is to fill you with powerful positive e

what is my Gua Number

Your Best Sleeping Direction is determined by your Ming GUA Number

Have you ever spent the entire night tossing and turning and not getting a very good night’s sleep? Only to wake up a few times to go to the bathroom, and to never get back to sleep or even settled. Your Best Sleeping Direction is determined by your Ming GUA Number

How to make your Vision Board in 6 Simple Steps

What is A Vision Board and How to Make one?

If you are looking to create your own Mini Vision board, with your loved ones and not quite sure what is a Vision board this VIsion board planner and video may inspire you.


Top Most loved Blog Posts for 2021.

As we said Good Bye to 2021, with a shove, I looked around and found here are your topmost loved blog posts here at CircleofWealth~DestinyDefined, that you have loved.


Buy Me a Coffee

Welcome to our Little Corner where We Share the latest Interior & exterior styling guides, Feng Shui & decorating tips, and enhance our Relationships with… Read More »Buy Me a Coffee

Why you should Raise your Vibration

As you raise your vibration, the dark forces of energy may come out and attack you or try to make things difficult for you.. they are afraid of your power vibe and your beautiful spiritual awakening