Feng Shui Tips

Top 9 Free Feng Shui Tips

 Top 9 Free Feng Shui Tips
Here are a few things you can do right away to implement good Feng Shui in your home today.

  1. Make sure the path to your front door is clear and inviting – it represents opportunities finding you.

  2. Use your front door often to activate energy, open it, sweep/ mop it/remove shoes. Windex all glass. Polish that door handle too!

  3. Place your desk so that you are sitting facing the door, with a wall ( mountain of support behind you) if you cannot, then add a mirror to reflect the entrance, ie no surprises when someone comes up from behind while you are working.

  4. Reduce clutter !!! ~to improve clarity.

  5. Sleep in a bed facing your best direction with a headboard and against a solid wall to provide you support during those sleepy hours.

  6. Remove as many electronics as possible from the bedroom for more peaceful sleep.

  7. If you don’t need it, use it or love it –Let it GO! Donate it or Sell it or Recycle.

  8. Repair anything that is broken in the house.

    Remember “if it’s Broke~ then so are you.” Destiny Defined 🙂

  9. Create a space that you love, where you feel supported in life, move that Chi around add some essential oils to an air diffuser or light a nice smelling candle. Relax.


And there you have it folks,  Your Basic Top 9 Free Feng Shui Tips
that you can do right away to implement good Feng Shui in your home today.

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